The names that matter

Keynote speakers are the best and brightest from the world of FinTech. They are the innovators, thought leaders and decision makers that ignite discussion and illuminate tomorrow’s financial landscape; they are your shortcut to the future.

Marc Van Der Chijs

Managing Partner - CrossPacific Capital

Pete Rizzo

US Editor - Coindesk

Brennen Byrne

CEO - Clef

Vinny Lingham

CEO - Gyft

Evan Hansen

Senior Editor -

Chance Barnett

CEO - Crowdfunder

Pierre Wolff

Investments, North America - Coinsilium Ltd.

Bill Tai

VC - KiteVC

Steve Waterhouse

Partner - Pantera Capital

Reeve Collins

CEO - Tether

Todd Harris

CFO - Tech CU

Will O’Brien

LP - Blockchain Capital

Caterina Rindi

Manager - Swarm

Steve Kirsch


Yobie Benjamin


Brock Pierce

Managing Partner - Blockchain Capital

Rafe Furst

Co-founder - Crowdfunder

Karla Friede

CEO - Nvoicepay

Sean Harper


Rob Shavell

CEO - Abine

Brian Klein

Partner - Baker Marquart

Marco Santori

Lawyer - Pillsbury Winthrop

Michael Whitmire

CEO - Floqast

Daniel Palacio

Founder - Authy

Silvio Tavares

CEO CardLinx Association

Veronica McGregor

Head of US Payments Group - Hogan Lovells

Brian Billingsley

CEO - Klarna

Sang Lee

CEO - Darc Matter

Harry Yeh

Managing Partner - Binary Financial

Femi Olutade

Lead Payments Engineer - Lyft

Hemmy So

Senior Legal Counsel - Twitter

Joe Colangelo

Executive Director - Consumer Research

Thaer Sabri

CEO Electronic Money Association

Matthew Roszak

Founder and CEO Tally Capital