The names that matter

Keynote speakers are the best and brightest from the world of FinTech. They are the innovators, thought leaders and decision makers that ignite discussion and illuminate tomorrow’s financial landscape; they are your shortcut to the future.

Harry Yeh

Managing Partner - Binary Financial

Femi Olutade

Lead Payments Engineer - Lyft

Hemmy So

Senior Legal Counsel - Twitter

Kai Schmitz

Senior Investment Officer - IFC

Ruston Miles

CIO Bluefin Payment Systems

Joe Colangelo

Executive Director - Consumer Research

Jay Valanju

CEO Buzzpoints

Thaer Sabri

CEO Electronic Money Association

Matthew Roszak

Founder and CEO Tally Capital

Vitalik Buterin

Co-Founder Ethereum

Ryan Smith


Adam Back

Co-Founder Blockstream

Star Xu


Sam Dastyari

Senator New South Wales

James Newsome

Chairman CFTC

Valery Vavilov

Founder BitFury

Nick Sullivan

CEO ChangeTip

Steve Waterhouse

Partner Pantera Capital

Peter Todd

Bitcoin Core Developer

Paul Snow

Co-Founder Factom

Perianne Boring

Founder Digital Chamber of Commerce

Roger Ver

Angel Investor

Ted Rogers

CSO Xapo